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Shooting The Messenger

A short documentary on the trials and tribulations experienced by the world wide community of bicycle messengers ...

As bits and pieces are developed they will be posted here


Three Wishes

My Stinkwater 24! contribution. This piece went from conception to submission is less than 8 hours. A retelling of one of my favourite jokes (that nobody else seems to like)


A Bike With One Gear

Second Stinkwater 24! entry and a kick-arse result of 2nd (which is better than first)


Last Man Standing

Finalist for Eye Scream 2003. In all honesty, not that great, but a heck of a project to realise ... and ho, ho, finally managed to get a copy ripped and on Vimeo so that it will be available forever and ever, free of the medium, as it should be)

Last Man Standing from Sax Cucvara on Vimeo